Nashville Looks Good On You!

"Nashville Looks Good On You!"
That quote has never rung more true until Apricot Lane Peoria took Nashville to shoot our newest Lookbook for Spring. Between our fabulous girls and the stunning clothes, these new arrivals were EVERYTHING we didn’t know we needed!
If you’re a graphic tee gal, look no further! If you’re going for a layered look with a skirt and jean jacket or a more simple look with just denim shorts, we have you covered. Pair any of our newest graphic tees with our “Nashville Lights Brown Snake Midi Skirt” or the “Music City Light Washed Star Print Denim Shorts,” these options will have everyone asking you where you got your adorable look. 
This spring is also full of studs! Studs are being paired with all of our favorite looks. Pairing a bold stud with a simple, cute short and tee shirt outfit is our current love language. We are loving our “Day to Day Style Black Leather Studded Wristlet” as well as our coveted “Wandering West Black Wool Felt Rancher Hat.” These pieces have a way of making simple suddenly, show-stopping! 
We have never been more excited to ROCK fabulous looks in spring!