What on Earth do I wear to a wedding?

The dreaded question…what do I wear to a wedding? What do you wear when it’s the middle of summer and its scorching hot? And of course all the good dresses are white…And what do you wear to a wedding that says “cocktail attire” Or “black tie,” we got you covered…!
Cocktail Attire
Cocktail attire is something that typically falls right above the knee, or a midi dress. Think a step up from church. This should never mean jeans, but can mean a jumpsuit. There used to be a rule to never wear black at a wedding, but things have changed. 
Might we suggest our “Escape to my happy place smocked dress” Its flowy, the perfect length for dancing, and the right color for summer. Pair this dress with a nude wedge or heel, and you’ll steal just as many eyes as the bride. 
Lastly, we love the “I’ll call you later” dress. It features tis puff sleeve and is GORGEOUS! While we do have it in white, we would leave that to the bride for a wedding shower. But this black one is a solid choice for a wedding! 
Black tie
Black tie weddings are more formal. This suggests a dress that is full length or a dressy jumpsuit. This is where you can 100% wear a black dress. 
Our number one choice is the “A fresh start maxi dress,” its the perfect fabric to keep you looking formal and not be constricted. Pair it with a heel and you are golden. This dress can’t get any easier. We even have it in 3 colors! Red, black, and fuchsia. (That red is a must have. It’s HOT!)